West Battle Royale


'Battle royale' set in the wild west


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West Battle Royale is a 'battle royale' set in the west, in which up to fifty players are plopped down into a typical western small town scenario. Then they'll face off in battle. Only one can leave this town alive.

Control systems in West Battle Royale are designed for comfort. With your left thumb you control your character's moves and with your right thumb you aim your weapons. Also on the right side of your screen you'll find buttons to jump, duck, run or open up your inventory.

In West Battle Royale there isn't much of a variety of weapons like in other games within this same genre, since you're limited to using the historically accurate guns and knives available during that time. In any case, you can use rifles, cut-off shotguns and revolvers--all of which you'll find scattered all over the map as you play.

West Battle Royale is an entertaining 'battle royale', with 'low poly' graphics, a lot of charm and an original ambience. Its main problem is the huge amount of competition that exists between games in this genre, with many other titles that offer more and better gameplay.
By Erika Okumura

Android 4.1 or higher required

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